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When using a program to create work on the computers -- a Word document, Excel file, Power Point, etc. -- or any file that you want to have access to, you have two options for saving your work.

All students have server space available on the Helios server.  Saving files to Helios means that you can access them from any computer on campus.  Choose the "save as" option, locate your account (listed as your CCA name) on the Helios server and then name and save your file there.  Computing and Technology Services (CTS) maintains your server account and space. Information on Helios is available here.

You may also choose to save your work to a thumb drive.  In that case, use the "save as" and locate your thumb drive as the place for saving.  [Don't forget to eject the drive safely and take it with you.]

Critical step here is to make certain that you know where you are saving your work.  Every time you log off a computer, it is literally cleaned and reset so no work remains on the local hard drive.  Don't waste your time - ideally save your work in two places -- your Helios space and a thumb drive are best practice. 

Another best practice is to name and save your file as soon as you begin work on it.  Then you can periodically click on the save icon to save your work as you go.

If you have questions about how to save your work, please ask for assistance at the Technology Help Desk. 

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